Got a spare minute?

Then pick up the ultimate coffee-break game, guaranteed to give your rare free time that kick it needs. Toggles is a free fast-paced, puzzle solving game thatís mind-numbingly easy to start and challenging to master. All you have to do is move your mouse over the floating objects before time runs out. No clicking needed!

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The goal of Toggles is to get a given percentage of the toggles (the floating objects) underwater before time runs out. Moving your mouse over a toggle causes it to either float or sink, depending on its current position. Every level you beat, you choose a modifier that affects the next level. It gets difficult very quickly! See if you can grab a spot on our online highscore board!

But how does the score work?

Iím glad you asked! If you want a good score, just keep in mind that every toggle you sink boosts your score and every toggle you cause to float drastically reduces your score. You are rewarded by consecutively sinking toggles without making any float. In fact, each toggle is worth how many consecutive toggles youíve sank multiplied by the multiplier (which goes up every five levels). Phew, sounds confusing, eh? Well, like I said, just donít cause any toggles to float or youíll break your chain!

There are more tricks you can do to get super high scores, like one method called Zipping. Play it yourself and make your own strategy! Or check out our instructional video to see it broken down. Itís all available for free, including the source code, in the download section!