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Indie game development here is all developed by Solo Games associates (e.g. Steven Silvey). You're welcome to check out any of the games as well as view the source code written to create the game. Enjoy!

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1945 Fall '06 v1.0 Yes
Arena I Winter '01 v1.0 Yes
Block the Block Summer 2009 v1.1.0 Yes
Garbage Man Stan! Spring '07 v0.5 Yes
MyMaze Summer '06 v1.2 Yes
Toggles Summer '06 v1.3.16 Yes
Wordigo Spring '03 alphaN/A


Date: Fall '06

It's the year 1945 and the war has just finished or has it? You've been assigned to a lone military operation to seek and destroy a plane carrying a destructive weapon. Using a Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft, fly through eight challenging levels with four big bosses. It's a fun, fictional five minutes, just the way a 1945 clone was meant to be. Ask a friend to play along in two player mode!


Arena I

Date: Winter '01

Waking up in a prison cell, you find yourself trapped and about to be tried at the Imperial Court. With nothing to do, you ask for the aid of an adjacent cell mate, who happens to be a wizard. He grants you powers based on a series of questions, enabling you to battle in the barbaric arena the Empire uses to carry out verdicts. See if you can survive and obtain freedom in this short text-based adventure game!


Block the Block

Date: Summer 2009

Guide Blacky the Block through this thrilling action-puzzle game to save the other Block citizens from an uncertain fate. The blocks mindlessly follow the directions they encounter and need your help to reach their correct stination. Along the way, you’ll meet friends and foes and dodge various traps. Collect Block-Stars to unlock new levels and see all this game has to offer!


Garbage Man Stan!

Date: Spring '07

Done in 3 days for TINS '07, a programming competition.
After everyone quits the Garbage Burning Center due to it causing cancer and other such wonderful side affects, you've been promoted from Garbage Truck Driver to the Burner Engineer! It's a 24/7 job and the boss is down your throat. Keep burning the garbage as fast you can and you'll keep your job. Done in the old 8-bit style of digital goodness.



Date: Summer '06

You've managed to walk through a one-way passage, ending up in a zany labyrinth of puzzles, mazes and challenges. An old man offers a way out, but only if you do his bidding by completing the aforementioned tasks. Can you beat all 50 levels, in what is currently SG's longest game ever? You'd be the first, as no one has even made it to the 40's. Mwhahaha!



Date: Summer '06

One of SG's most infamous games, Toggles is a simple, addicting, fast-paced puzzle game. It's easy to pick up and difficult to master. Download it today and find out what the buzz is all about! Maybe you'll even manage to take a spot on the online highscore table.



Date: Spring '03

RiverEdge Game Company's Wordigo is an amazingly fun family board game. Players race against the clock and each other to form words along designated paths. High scores are achieved by the strategic placement of uniquely marked vowels. Solo Games originally worked on the alpha demo.