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Solo Games is a name to put on the massive amount of work produced by its developers, of which would otherwise be brand-less. But, where does the name come from?

A long time ago, the virtual company used to be called Silvco Games, a combination of Silvey and Corporation. In later years, it was decided that Solo would be a much more accepting term for expansion as well as establishing the independent persona that we try so hard to honor. During the name change, Mr. Silvey, CEO of the company, was still the sole member of the organization. It was his lone work that carried the name. Solo Games was simply the natural evolution.

Solo Games goal is to provide quality entertainment through various forms of digital media.

Steven Silvey, CEO
Steven’s dreams of developing games began when he was five years old, after playing Super Mario Bros. He immediately started plotting out designs and constructing games on his little blue desk (which he often colored on). He believed whatever he drew on paper would magically turn into a playable game on his Nintendo (which he quickly found out wasn’t true).

In junior high, Steven started his quest to learn programming in the technologically backwards area of Northwest Arkansas. Steven quickly became the top student, but feared competition from more advanced locations and studied material outside of his courses. In an upward battle to make his stand in the game industry, he’s still confident game development is his calling twenty years after those childhood days.

He has a BS in Computer Science. He’s married to Brittainy Silvey and expects to have kids in the near years. He’s an active member of the allegro community and started the first official development club at the University of Arkansas. He also reviews independent games in his short spare time.

To contact him, send an email at ssilvey AT solo-games.org.

Keep up to speed with Solo Games’ production by checking out its developers’ blogs. Find out what they are working on as well as other miscellaneous comments from the hard-working crew. A little “cheer” might help motivate them to drill through their massive amounts of tasks.

Steven Silvey’s Devlog

Steven is the sole creator of Solo Games and continues to work mainly on development.

There are currently no jobs available.

“I’d like to clarify this. Solo Games is currently just a spirit of my imagination, but I’m not opposed to building a team and attempting to be a valid business. In the game industry, you can’t burn bridges. This space is provided for potential expansion and development of Solo Games if ever it should happen.”

- Mr. Silvey, CEO of Solo Games